HYDROANTHRACITE FROM THE MANUFACTURER!Anthracite filter media "AntraFiltr"

The hydroanthracite is the filter media for water purification. Anthracite filter media is produced from low-ash and low-sulfur anthracite.

Hydroantracite AntraFiltr is designed for water filtration, water treatment and water treatment of industrial, household and drinking water, wastewater and waste treatment.

Fractions, mm

0,8 -1,6

1,4 - 2,5

2,0 - 4,0

4,0 - 8,0

Specification of hydroanthracite *


approx. 92%

Ash content

5 % max

Sulfur content

1 % max

Volatile matter

3,5 % max

Moisture content

3,5 % max

Mechanical strength:


4 % max


0,5 % max

*The necessary quality indicators are agreed with the customer individually.

High chemical resistance of hydroantracite of the "AntraFiltr" brand (There is no significant increase in the concentration of silicic acid and oxidability in contact with water

Hydroantracite "AntraFiltr" is manufactured in accordance with the customer's requirements: the fraction, physical and chemical parameters of the filter material from anthracite are formed directly for the needs of the customer in full accordance with the agreed specifications.

Water Filtration Application
  • Hydroanthracite for water treatment and water treatment at industrial plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, and power plants,
  • Hydroantracite for mechanical water treatment in the system of water channels,
  • As anthracite filter media for sewage and waste water treatment,
  • Hydro-anthracite for desalination of water.

Also, filter material from anthracite is used: backwashing media filters, in open and closed filters, in mechanical filters with single-layer and multi-layer loading.

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